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Jimi Tribute No. 001

Jimi Hendrix is the standard by which all rock/blues musicians must ultimately measure themselves. Decade after decade of avant-garde music writers and genre artists owe considerable influence to this master composer and showman whose roots are decidedly Mississippi delta. What I find most compelling is the fact that one so undeniably rooted in tradition was and is still light years ahead of his contemporaries in terms of soul stirring creativity.

The original painting is only 6" x 4". The image below did not overly suffer from the enlargement. As a matter of fact, I then used the scanned artwork to print on fabrics.

Monochromatic painting of Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock in goauche on 6 inch x 4 inch artboard.

To prepare the scanned artwork, I used Adobe Photoshop's Deep-Upscale Engine to scale the image up for printing. This yielded fantastic results (in my opinion). The printing technology was provided by Brother International - We used the GT-782, which was the-top-of-the-line or the most current model at that time, (2016). I chose three different fabrics; canvas, linen, and silk. The silk print I could not locate at the time of this writing, but the canvas and linen prints are shown below;

The Jimi-001 tribute printed on linen at 16 inches x 21 inches.

The linen has decidedly less texture than the canvas. I hung the image from one of my monitors to take the shot of it. There is a slight distortion that I chose not to fix. Only a very studied eye will detect it, but the image below is printed on canvas. It is my Warhol/Jimi tribute. I chose the CMYK colors as a tribute to a former graphic design instructor named Mike Hanson, (that's a shout out). Jimi Hendrix has been a fascination for me since before high school. My older brother Bill introduced me to him. (that's another shout out!)

The Jimi Tribute no. 1 four color-ways.

As yet another example of deconstruction, I left all the indications that it was taped to my monitor and shot there so the casual viewer can see my method[s], and it also shows scale in a very definitive manner as it is a 27" monitor.

Thank you for looking at this work!