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The MadMotif - Surface and Textile Design

Image of Dave's antique Harley Davidson flathead with the MadMotif mapped onto all sheet metal surfaces

A Fabric Story

This section starts to tell us a fun fabric story that uses the MadMotif print pattern on all of the sheet metal surfaces on Dave's antique FL Harley Davidson motorcycle. A 'Fabric Story' uses a central theme to identify with a certain market segment, in this case intending to convey an attitude of courage and adventure.

Tech Stuff

Color diagrams are a part of the technical information, (AKA a Tech Pack) that designers will need to provide to the fabric mills in order to have their fabrics milled or manufactured. Additional colorways will require charts for each colorway. Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Pointcarré are the programs used to create this and many of my other surface/textile designs.

Close up of the color diagram for the MadMotif all-over print. ↓

Close up of the color diagram for the MadMotif all-over print.

18-3737 TCX



16-3823 TCX



16-6340 TCX



14-0156 TCX



13-1031 TCX


The image below represents a printable version of the same info we see above this line ↑

screenshot of a fabric 'Tech Pack' from Pointcarré software.

The images below show some variations on the MadMotif theme

A MadMotif Evening Gown A MadMotif One Piece Swimsuit A MadMotif spring dress
3D logo with MadMotif print mapped all over.

Thank you for Looking!

Screenshot of Pointcarre's website as of 7-18-23

Thank you, Steve and Pointcarré, for many years of friendship!