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The Celtic Dragon Artwork Project

The information on the ‘tile’ or ‘card’ for this project tells us a bit about its origin, but we will start this presentation at the end of the story and show what it looks like in its current state. The image below shows us that. The way the original artwork is developed lends itself quite readily to 3D, in particularly Adobe’s Illustrator. It is quick and easy to generate a .obj file which will then import into Adobe Dimension for texture mapping and lighting.

Method and Process

I have always been fascinated with the complex intricacy that is the signature of Celtic designs. That said, I have many books on my shelves I can refer to. After finding and hand rendering the right knot, I used tracing paper to manipulate the knot into a circle, (I did not have the Adobe Illustrator skills to do this at the time I originally drew the dragon).

Image showing the method and process of manipulating the knot form.

Using Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has evolved profoundly since I first drew this artwork in 1999. I have evolved also. I am now teaching Illustrator professionally at corporate and college environments as other areas of my portfolio demonstrate. The images below indicate a more contemporary working method that we can see is quite effective especially compared to using traditional methods.

Image showing the celtic knot aligned in a circular formation.

A Visual Progression

The images below provide an encapsulated look at the design milestones in developing the Celtic Dragon and Cross artwork. The Celtic Dragon and Cross started out as 'tattoo flash'. It has since evolved and grown into what can now be reinterpreted or re-purposed as jewelry designs and/or architectural applications. Each design iteration creates more opportunities for more creative designs, development and application[s].

This is the traditional drawing created to figure out how to arrange the knots.
This image is a screenshot from Illustrator that shows my process with the basic drawing completed.
This iteration of the Celtic Dragon and Cross comes from Adobe Photoshop.
This true 3D image was created using Adobe Dimension.


Showing the means by which it was made...

The term 'Deconstruction' has a number of meanings/definitions. The one that resonates profoundly with me is in the heading that precedes this paragraph. I love images that demonstrates some of the process[es] used in developing the product being presented, which in this case is the Celtic Dragon and Cross artwork. The image shown below is a screenshot of the Celtic Dragon and Cross in Adobe Dimension.

Screenshot of the Celtic Dragon and Cross file open in Adobe Dimension.

Thank you for allowing me to share this work with you! I truly appreciate your taking the time to look.