Chris Schiotis

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Child Guidance Center tri-fold brochure

Rendering of Child Guidance Center tri-fold brochure

The completed brochure - folded front view

Front view of completed brochure Back view of completed brochure

Front and back views of print files


Child Guidance Center logo Screen shot of bullet point design

The decision to use an element of the logo as a custom bullet for our lists helped to pull the entire composition together. The team as well as the client were quite pleased with the strategy and result.

Type colors

Screen shot of fonts used

We utilized a similar tactic when we made the font choices.

Screen shot of panel #1 inside the InDesign authoring environment

The contact info on the front matches the logo.

If we are paying close attention, we can see that the logo combined with the tag line use both serif and sans-serif fonts.

This use of combined fonts was done on the rest of the brochure as well in an effort to subtly repeat that theme.

We created a 3D mock-up using 3DS MAX for digital viewing and visualization purposes.

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