Chris Schiotis

Illustration and Design Portfolio - Photography

Desert Flowers
Desert Flowers
Kissing Camels at the Garden of the Gods - May 2016
On the road from Colorado Springs to Sante Fe - September 2016
Desert Flowers
View of the Rio Grande from the bridge outside of Taos, NM
Sandia Mountians kissing the sky in May 2016
baby bunnie
Sunset at Point Fermin, California
Our garment printing lab at the Fashion Business Inc
Sandia Mountians kissing the sky in May 2016 - shot 2
View of the Grand Canyon - West Rim
Pelican at Point Fermin
The Los Angeles Fashion District at night
Otis Fashion 2014
Wire welding
One of Krylon John's bikes
My precious Sis - At Disneyland 2012
Sis and I - At Disneyland 2012
View from the top of the CalMart - 2014
Poignant sunset at Point Fermin 2014
Printing textile designs 'direct to garment'
Belly dancer
The Los Angeles Fashion District at Twilight
Mom and Sis
The Caveman in his Cave
Antique flathead - an old Caveman project
These photos are simply favorites of mine from the last couple of years. It is a view of the world from my perspective, as all photography is a glimpse of the photog's life. They are meant to show a range of subjects, lighting and mood. Most of these were shot with a Nikon D3300 using a variety of settings.