Chris Schiotis

Illustration and Design Portfolio - Motion Graphics

Gear Head TV - Promo Video

Gear Head TV promo video

This project was done for a television station concept that did not quite get off the ground... The concept itself is (at this point) not unique. There are a number of successful cable stations utilizing, to some extent, the approach pioneered by the minds behind Gear Head TV. Clicking the image above will play a 14 second video in a ‘lightbox’.

Screen shot of the animation curve(s)

The image above shows a ‘track view’ of the rotation of the logo in its entirety.

Screen shot of the modeling environment

This image demonstrates the process whereby the result was achieved.

This project was modeled, animated and rendered using 3DS Max. The sound and some post work were done using Adobe After Effects

Effects Short #1

No Bull Designs promo video

This is a simple effects short made to shown timing and transition. I did not model the shark... Everything else is all my work.

Click the thumbnail image to play the video in a lightbox.